partners and funders


 We greatly acknowledge the support of our key partners, whose ongoing partnerships are pillars upon which we operate. 

  • We are a satellite location of the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre and the staff team at Pinecrest Terrace Community House are all employees of PQCHC. 
  • There are 15 Community Houses located in social housing neighbourhoods in Ottawa. We are connected with one another through the Ottawa Coalition of Community Houses. The Ottawa Coalition of Community Houses strives to strengthen the impact of place-based, barrier-free support programs and services in social housing neighbourhoods along with increasing opportunities for community engagement and the success of residents. The 15 member organizations work together to address issues of poverty, social and cultural isolation, and other issues affecting Ottawa Housing communities and their residents.
  • One of our key partners is Ottawa Community Housing. They generously provide us with the Community House space and work with us to improve the community, resolve many property/ tenant issues, build community cohesion through community development initiatives.
  • We are a member agency of the Ottawa Food bank. They provide the community house with almost all of the food distributed at the Pinecrest Terrace Food Bank. 
  • Our core funding comes from the City of Ottawa. This funding is critical to our existence..

Funders/ Partners of new Pinecrest Terrace Multipurpose Space Renovation


We here, at Pincerest Terrace Community House are extremely grateful to have many funders who provide the financial base for our services and resources.  This year we are very excited to be working on renovating a space in Pinecrest Terrace that can be used for after-school programs, community events, community meetings and so much more... here are the funders that have helped us with this renovation project so far.  

Partners/funders behind our Community events


Funders/ Partners behind our Referral Programs


Funders/ Partners behind our Adult Programs


Funders/ Partners behind our Kids and Youth Programs