About Us

Who we are

The Pinecrest Terrace Community House is located within the Ottawa Community Housing.

Community of Pinecrest Terrace. 

We are a welcoming space right in the neighbourhood where the tenants from Pinecrest Terrace Community (and low-income residents from the surrounding area) can access computers, scanners and printers and drop in for a variety of programs and special events. Our staff and volunteer team help community members learn about programs and services available to them and help refer them to other organizations. We provide a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of the diverse people we serve. 


What we do

Throughout the school year, we offer evening programs for children and youth. We also offer lots of fun programs for kids and youth in the summer. Our goal is to provide mentorship, educational supports, and social recreation for children and youth during the critical hours when they are not in school. Our staff offer a safe, encouraging environment for kids to grow and learn. We currently offer academic support through the "Excellence in Reading Foundation" (ELF program), and "Make It Club", as well as sports through the "I Love To" program and a youth basketball league, and a mix of other recreational programs through "Kids Club", "United Sisters" and "Keeping Youth Connected".  We also offer a brown-bag kids' lunch program which we call as "Snack-E-Sac", two days a week.  

The Community House also offers programming for adults that live in the community, including a gardening group, a tenant circle, an art group, an ESL program as well as other programs. We provide important food security supports including a food bank three times a week and Market Mobile once every two weeks. The Community House staff team works with engaged Community Members and partners to organize several annual community-wide special events and celebrations (Canada Day, Multiculturalism Day, Iftar, Christmas, Summer BBQ's, Halloween and Mothers' Day, to name a few). 

The Pinecrest Terrace Community House is there for the community during the good times and the bad. We develop relationships of trust with the community and, as such, are uniquely positioned to offer trusted support when crisis arise (natural disasters, family or personal difficulties, violence, fire). Our team works with tenants to identify the community needs, to support families and build community capacity. We work continuously with the community to foster a welcoming, respectful environment for all and all our programs are designed to build positive relationships and trust and support between neighbours. 

For the past two years, the Pinecrest Terrace Community House has been offering opportunities for families to go on excursions together. This program allows Pinecrest Terrace community members to get to know a side of Ottawa that is generally inaccessible to them due to costs involved. Through the excursions, families are able to explore Ottawa's culture, history, and natural environment by visiting museums, parks, and special events. This program gives families the opportunity to share positive experiences and build lasting memories together. 

Volunteers and placement students are one of the most important elements that keep the Community House running. Every day, volunteers/students help staff deliver and facilitate programs. We are very thankful for all their help and support, which amounts to hundreds of additional hours each year. A special acknowledgement must be given to the volunteers of the Pinecrest Terrace Food Bank, as the whole operation is run entirely by volunteers. 

The Pinecrest Terrace Community House is a satellite location of the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre. We are funded primarily by the City of Ottawa and additional grants and donations we receive. Our space is generously provided to us free from Ottawa Community Housing. We gratefully acknowledge the tremendous support of our funders, partners, community volunteers, and placement students.